WalkingPad C2 Treadmill Review – Under Desk Walking Pad

The State of Functional Training

New integrative ways to train the human body for sports performance and better movement in life. The evolutional science of human movement has led us to this unique conclusion and endeavor.

Target Heart Rate and Heart Monitors

Summary of heart rate monitors. There are quite a few manufacturers out there, I hope you find this information useful.

Refurbished Weightlifting Machine: Guide for Gym Owners

Today, many people are dying not because of old age but because of health diseases. Among the most common are heart attack, cancer and diabetes. But according to experts, these diseases are all preventable. People only need to invest on their health.

Why I Love Strength Band Exercises

Strength band exercises fit perfectly into my lifestyle and my goal of simplifying my exercise program. There was a time when I believed resistance bands were good for women or for someone only interested in toning their body, but not for me. I felt I needed to lift steel bars and weights to truly achieve the results I wanted. Boy was I wrong.

Top Olympic Swimmers and Swim Goggles Manufacturers – Matches Made in Heaven for Brand Endorsements

High-profile professional swimmers need sponsors to help finance their training and lifestyles, while the top swimming goggle brands need swimming stars to endorse their products to help increase media exposure and eventually sales. It all works out to be a win-win situation, like a match made in heaven. Most fans can easily recognize their favorite swimming stars, but many have trouble matching them to the brands that sponsor them. Read about four of the top Olympic swimmers and learn the swimming gear brands they endorse.

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