Treadmill Workouts for all Levels….Walkers and Runners! Effective, Efficient, Fun and Free!

Combining Work And Exercise With The Treadmill Desk

Exercise and fitness have taken a backseat in the face of work. More jobs today are desk-based or involve remaining in a static position for long periods.

Essential Gym Equipment For Every Exerciser

Everyone knows the benefits of exercise but not all of us make the effort or have the time to work out. Having an incentive, thus, is necessary to motivate one to start exercising.

Buying The Best Elliptical For Home Use

Elliptical trainers are gaining in popularity these days. Elliptical training is favored due to the low impact workouts it offers. The machines mostly come with moving handlebars, meaning that you also get a total body workout as well. Getting an elliptical trainer for home use is more convenient than going to the gym. Well, getting your daily dose of exercise is certainly easier when the workout machine is right at home.

Gymnastic Rings for Exercise

Gymnastic rings are a great fitness tool. Learn the differences between ring styles and some of the uses of them.

Benefits of Pro-Style Kettlebells

One of the more common questions I hear regarding kettlebells is, what is the benefit of competition/pro style kettlebells over standard kettlebells? The answer is simple, consistency. With competition/pro style kettlebells, you will be able to maintain the same form every single time you use them.

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