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2 Of the Most Important Treadmill Features To Assess

There are a ton of treadmill features and parts to consider when buying a treadmill. This article sets out the 2 most important features to look at and assess when choosing a treadmill.

Three Essential Steps in Finding the Perfect Nordic Walking Pole

Whether you are a veteran Nordic Walker or are just starting out in this exciting hobby, choosing the right Nordic Walking pole can be tough. This short guide should help you find a Nordic Walking stick that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

The Women’s Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Polar heart rate monitor for women is designed to motivate and fully condition the female fitness enthusiast or athlete. Being physically fit is a must for every single person. But the needs of keeping fit and healthy depend for a man and a woman.

4 Types of Treadmills for the Home

Treadmills continue to be an extremely popular fitness machine for home-use. The trouble of prospective treadmill purchasers is deciding on the right type of treadmill. They range spectacularly in price, features, quality and type.

Being Away From Home Is No Longer An Excuse With Portable Exercise Equipment And Workout Apparel

Traveling for work or pleasure used to be the perfect excuse for slacking off on your exercise routine. That is no longer possible with all the portable exercise equipment and workout apparel available for travel.

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