The Difference Between Walking for Leisure and Walking for Exercise #shorts

A Guide to Bench Press Benches

If you are getting started getting into shape by building your own home gym, then perhaps the most important thing for you to learn is how to use the various equipment, what it all does, and how it will benefit you. While there is much to learn here though, the most important thing of all to learn is arguably the bench press and how to use the bench itself. This bench will allow you to do bench presses as well as a number of other exercises such as pec flies and dumbbell presses, and it will serve as a…

Gain an Edge Through a Fitness Treadmill

This article features the importance of utilising a fitness treadmill. Moreover, it presents the benefits that it can provide to the people who use it.

Buying A Polar Heart Rate Monitor Battery

Purchasing and using a genuine Polar heart rate monitor battery will provide consistent display results and longer-lasting power for your prized fitness tool. Every variety of the Polar heart rate monitor comes equipped with 3-volt long lasting batteries. But as soon as the receiver and transmitter deplete the battery, there’s always the option to buy new ones from different retail outlets online.

Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is one of a kind heart monitor that actually helps people attain optimum workout zones, for better workout results and increased physical fitness. Heart rate monitors or watches help athletes and fitness enthusiasts attain their goals by calculating their caloric burn and cardio respiratory endurance during a run or a workout.

Nike SportWatch GPS Review

Thinking of getting the Nike SportWatch GPS Watch? Read our honest review first.

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