ProForm Carbon T14 Treadmill Review

Fitness Gadgets To Make Exercising More Fun

  As technology becomes more and more integrated into our lives, companies are creating all kinds of cool fitness gadgets to help us keep track of our health and prompt us to step up our level of physical activity. These exercise gadgets range from simple pedometers to complex exercise apps that can keep track of your daily caloric intake by logging everything you eat. From wi-fi enabled bathroom scales to sleep track monitors, you can find and track just about anything related to physical fitness.

How to Choose a Treadmill for Home

If you are ready to choose a treadmill for your home, you might be unsure what features would be the most ideal to match up with your workout routine. You want to select a unit that is easy to use and is guaranteed to last so you will be able to keep it for years. It’s always important to check the warranty to see how long parts are expected to last and what kind of help you can get in replacing them, if something goes wrong. This is a good indicator of how much faith the company has in their product.

Tips to Get More From Exercise Bikes

Having your own exercise bike in your home is a great way to ensure that you get lots of CV and burn lots of fat. Exercise bikes are stationary forms of CV meaning you can do them on the spot and you can do them indoors. This means that when it’s chucking it down with rain and when you can’t face going to the gym, you can easily work out in the comfort of your own home.

Using Your iPhone As A Heart Rate Monitor

A popular fitness accessory for the iPhone is a heart rate monitor. Traditionally they have a chest strap and a matching receiver that interprets and shows the output display. Since so many people are already carrying an iPhone during exercise, using the iPhone itself as the receiving device cuts down on both size and cost. To use your iPhone as a heart rate monitor you need to purchase an adapter, a chest strap and maybe an App (if it’s not free). There are two ways the iPhone can connect to the chest strap. Either by a wireless transceiver that plugs into the iPhone or soon by Bluetooth.

Why Sports Flooring Protects Your Athletes and Optimises Performance

Sports flooring may look the same as your traditional flooring, but there are big differences between the timber floor in your kitchen and the timber floor you’ll find in a typical sports hall. Traditional floors are relatively hard and dense and can pose several problems to those undertaking physical exercise. This article will explain the advantages of using the correct flooring for sporting purposes.

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