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Cycling Related Equipment Reviews: Heart Rate Monitors

A look at my personal experiences with Heart Rate Monitors, the different types that are available, the principles of these types, and the brands I have tried myself. This is a part of a series of reviews I am doing for my website, more details of which can be found below.

Get Clued Up With Gym Equipment

Are you confused by half of the equipment out there today? Do you know what equipment you should be using? Below is some information on different equipment and what they have to offer.

Nordictrack ACT Elliptical – Why Is This Trainer So Popular?

Thinking about the Nordictrack ACT elliptical? This trainer has been around for years – why is it so popular? Here are 3 benefits the ACT crosstrainer gives you that you don’t get with other models.

Unveil the Effective Exercise Secrets With the Best Gym Equipment

Initially you should try lifting lighter weights and then once you have mastered the art of weight lifting then gradually increase the weights. This will provide ample time for you to exercise without getting hurt. You should focus on getting maximum benefits from limited speed.

The Newbie Guide for Women to Trim Their Thighs With Kettlebells

A common problem women face is the ugly appearance of fat around the buttocks, hips, and thighs. It’s something often referred to as cellulite, and with that comes various proclaimed solutions to annihilate its hideous appearance. All of which costs and sometimes with an extravagant price. A much simpler, and more efficient solution is to switch to exercising using nothing more than a kettlebell.

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