Hanging Leg Raises on the Treadmill! #shorts

Peekaboo Spinning Dance Pole Kit Portable Review

Every woman wants to look her best and feel good about herself. There is nothing that gives a woman feel of that better than the new “Spinning Dance Pole Kit Portable.”

What Is An Elliptical Machine?

So what is an elliptical machine? Ellipticals, also known as elliptical trainers or elliptical training machines, are fairly new pieces of exercise equipment that fall into the aerobic or cardiovascular workout category of fitness equipment, but that doesn’t really tell you what it is or what is an elliptical machine.

Walking With Ankle Weights – Do They Make You Jump Higher?

One of the most common uses of ankle weights is to wear them while walking or jogging. So many people have the question, “Can I get more out of my walking workout by wearing them?”…

Risks of Ankle Weights – Tips on How to Use

Many people who use ankle weights never think of any risks involved with wearing ankle weights. Most people who wear ankle weights are looking for an intensified workout to get toning in their legs muscles, and burn more fat at the same time…

Ankle Weights – Are They Right for You? – Benefits

Ankle weights provide a great way to provide resistance during a workout. You can intensify your crunches, jogging, walking, jumping rope, box jumps and a countless number of other exercises. On the market, you will usually come across three types of ankle weights: water-filled, sand-filled and adjustable. Most people wear ankle weights while walking, running or jogging to increase their workout intensity…

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