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8 CrossFit Myths

Since the CrossFit has turned into one of the more popular trends for individuals looking to amp up their personal physical fitness, some misconceptions too have emerged like the costs involved, age restrictions, unmanageable schedule, whether or not it’s something for me etc. but all of that nothing more than myths and here we explain how.

Sitting at Work

Sitting has been called the ‘smoking’ of this generation. The ramifications of prolonged sitting range from a measurable decrease in productivity to manifestations of actual disease process.

NordicTrack Elliptical Trainers – 3 Things Buyers Should Know

Thinking about buying a NordicTrack elliptical trainer? Here are 3 things you should know about the market before you go shopping – to ensure you get the most for your money!

The Best Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell workouts are the most effective strength training exercises that also combine the benefits of cardio exercises. The secret lies in the design of kettlebells where the individual’s center of gravity is slightly off, thus, encouraging the muscles to work harder to keep the body’s balance on an even keel.

Elliptical Buying Guide – 7 Things To Consider When Shopping For An Elliptical Trainer

Buying an elliptical? It can get confusing with hundreds of options out there! Here are 7 key factors to consider when shopping so you can find the best crosstrainer for you!

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