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The Health Benefits of Power Plates

Power plates are a medically certified piece of fitness equipment which use vibrating platforms for an all over body workout. There are several benefits of using this machine – it offers a quick workout, great weight loss potential and further medical applications.

How to Become Female Fitness Models

Unlike their counterparts in the fashion modeling industry, female fitness models focus on the promotion of a healthy image of the body. As such, the highest degree of focus is on their bodies, not on what they have on (usually, all they have on is a scant piece of clothing so as to expose as much as is possible).

A Few Great Reasons to Take Up Running

There is no denying that the health benefits of running can be dramatic, and studies have proven it. Running keeps your immune system strong, helping to fight off infections such as the common cold. Running has proven to decrease the risk of a heart attack, as well as having great effects on mental well-being due to the release of feel-good endorphins.

How Far Infrared Rays Have a Positive Effect on the Human Body

Infrared body wraps are a safe and natural way to provide a number of benefits to the human body. Here’s how far infrared rays work and what happens to the human body when FIR body wraps are applied for weight loss and wellness.

Where to Go for Treadmill and Other Exercise Equipment Service and Repairs

If you use your specialty fitness equipment consistently, it should be serviced as often as once a year. If you don’t use it frequently, then every two years would be OK.

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