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Treadclimber Model Comparison – Which One Is Right For You?

Thinking about a Treadclimber? Which model is right for you? Here’s a quick “down and dirty” guide to the 3 different Bowflex Treadclimber models.

Nordictrack Folding Elliptical Trainers – 2 New Options for 2014

Looking for a Nordictrack folding elliptical trainer? Here are 2 of your best options for 2014 including how they compare and how they work!

The Different Types Of Gym Training Equipment

The gym. It’s that place that we either love or hate, but that can be so good for us. Sometimes we get intimidated by the amount of gym training equipment that we see and that is enough to put anyone off.

Timex Heart Rate Monitor For Better Workouts

What would you get when the heart rate monitor technology is used by the leading sports wrist watch makers on the planet? You get a one of a kind, technologically advanced, and world class Timex heart rate monitor. As a worldwide acclaimed company in the sports watch industry, Timex has actually ventured into making the conventional wrist watch into a perfect monitoring device capable of offering precise heart rate measurement in whatever field of training, workout, and physical fitness activity the user wishes to take it.

Budgeted Treadmills For A Healthier Mind And Body

The treadmill is infamous for weight loss. Those who consider investing in one are generally those who want to shed a few pounds and trim their waistline. The others concerned with overall fitness choose to walk, jog or lift weights. The humble treadmill offers more benefits than it is known for. Despite its simplistic design, it incorporates walking, running, jogging and hill climbing in one package to give your body a full workout.

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