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Reasons To Consider A Home Fitness Trampoline

What a fun and low impact way to exercise. You can do jumping jacks, sit-ups, stretch, cardio, strength, planks, plus much more. Fitness trampolines are included in the class considered one of those pieces of equipment that you don’t want to skimp on for quality. If you buy a cheaper one, you risk tearing the mat – thus hurting yourself, and wasting money on something you won’t use because of the cheap way it is made. You also don’t need to buy the most expensive since many of the middle of the road priced trampolines are comparable to the quality of the expensive name brands.

Choose An Elliptical Over A Stairmaster For Calories Burned

Walk into any health club and odds are you will see elliptical trainers and stairmasters. These popular fitness machines are there for a reason, they can both help the exerciser to achieve their health and fitness goals. But when it comes to weight loss, which machine is best at burning calories?

7 Health Benefits of Using Trampolines for Fitness

Article sets out 7 health benefits of using indoor trampolines as part of your fitness regimen. Rebounders are popular and their design is much improved from 20 years ago.

Kettlebell DVD for Fitness Training at Home

With a kettlebell DVD, you can workout at home to get a body that is lean, fit and sculpted. What you should know about kettlebell workouts, before buying one.

How to Utilize a Bike With an Indoor Trainer Stand and Cycle Block

My daughter had an indoor bike trainer that she set up in the house and used in the winter time and also when the weather was inclement. When the weather was nice or if there was a bike ride, all she had to do was move the latch, and off she rode. It was so easy to set up and take down. When she moved, I acquired (actually I hid it from her so she couldn’t find it when she was moving) her stand and found that it has become a staple in the house.

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