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Swimming Goggles Review: A Quick Look at the Top Models and Features

You are in the market for a new pair or your first pair of swimming goggles, and you need some third-party guidance. Our Swimming Goggles Review provides straight-to-the-point, no-fluff recommendations and reasons to help you narrow down your search. You can either use the advice as is, or as a effective starting point in your decision making.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight For You

The main questions people ask themselves when they get serious about losing weight are what are the best diets and what is the best exercise to lose weight. When it comes to choosing the best exercise, you might be think about what would be the best exercise depending on your goals and your current fitness level.

Do Ab Machines Really Help To Build Up Your Abdominal Muscles?

For the past five years, Abdominal trainers have been marketed to the world through infomercials and commercials. Currently, there is a mixed-balance of opinions of whether they work or not.

Vibration Plate: The Extraordinary Benefits

A short introduction to the fitness machines that are sweeping the nation: vibration plates. The medical and physical benefits and a brief explanation into how Vibration Plates work.

Working Out in the Gym – Two Lessons From the Golden Age of Bodybuilding

The ‘Golden Age’ of bodybuilding is often described as being the time when Arnie ruled supreme and when Joe Weider was still publishing lots of bodybuilding magazines. The scene had a real vibe about it, and the image of the buff bodybuilder working out on the beach in front of hordes of cheering women was one that was seared into the minds of lots of skinny teenagers. At the same time as seeing a boom in popularity though, this era also brought about a lot of development in terms of training techniques and knowledge as the athletes discovered new ways…

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